Sunday, June 12, 2011

Jogni maa

Phool jogani mataji other names are-Chhinnamastika (Chhinnamasta, Chinnamasta, Chinnamastika) - Goddess without a head
The goddess resident in Chintpurni is also known by this name. According to Markandeya Purana, goddess Chandi defeated the demons after a fierce battle but of her yogini emanations (Jaya and Vijaya) were still thirsty for more blood. Goddess Chandi cut off her own head to quench Jaya and Vijaya's thirst for more blood.

He is usually shown holding her own severed head in her hand, drinking stream of blood spurting from the arteries in her neck, while at her side are bare yoginis, each of whom drinks another stream of blood.

Chhinnamasta, the headless goddess, is the Great Cosmic Power who helps the honest and devoted yogi to dissolve his or her mind, including all the preconceived ideas, attachments and habits in to the Pure Divine Consciousness. Cutting off the head suggests the separation of the mind from the body, that is the freedom of the consciousness from the material confines of the physical body.

According to Puranic traditions, Chhinnamastika Devi will be protected by Shiva - Rudra Mahadev in the directions. There's Shiva temples - Kaleshwar Mahadev in the east, Narayhana Mahadev in the west, Muchkund Mahadev in the north and Shiva Bari in the south - which are equidistant from Chintpurni. This also confirms Chintpurni as the abode of Chhinnamastika Devi. 

Lakshmi goddess of beauty, fortune and prosperity. Gold coins are said to fall from her hands. white elephants, symbols of luck, accompany her. He is the Indian Aphrodite; he is the goddess of prosperity, purity, chastity and generosity. An aura of divine happiness and prosperity always exist around her. He is the Beauty, the Goodness.

About Durga/ Amba mataji-Durga is the truly multi-dimensional goddess.Durga has a variety of more or lessfearful fo s with different attributes. In her milder fo , he is named parvarti(the mountain girl), Uma (the light),Himavati(daughter of the himalaya), Jagamata ( sister of the world),and bhavani( the goddess of the universe).In her horrible fo he is named durga( the inaccessible), Kalika or shyama( the dark complexioned), Chandika or chandi ( the fearful), and bhairavi(the horrible). All the fo s are broadly included within the name devi or maha devi( the great goddess).So Who are these Sinful demons like Mahishasur?Who are the Asuras or Rakshasas?

The Asuras are powerful beings, who are against the Devas (gods) . Originally, in the vedic times, they were another class of gods, perhaps the indigenous deities. By the finish of the Vedic period, however, the Asuras had attained their demonic role.

They are demons capabale of assuming the form of animals or humans. They are sinful, powerful creatures that delight in spreading fear, confusion, chaos, and destruction among the humans. Sometimes they may even be more powerful than the gods.

Ramdevpir Ranuja